My introduction to the film world, and my subsequent love for it, started with my acting career. After some time, acting took a toll on me and I began looking in other directions that I could escape to. Since my interest in my own work on set died, I had more time to pay attention to the intricacies of what went on behind the camera.

I use my films as a form of expressing my own frustrations, I can discuss topics that I can’t discuss directly out of fear that I’m exposing myself. Through my films I hope to help the audience see things from the character’s point of view and become aware of the realities others face.


I want to make projects that substantiate the minute and unspoken emotional dynamics that society internalizes. Depression, anxiety, narcissism, and mental disorders are extremely intriguing topics to me, because everybody has a little bit of each trait within them. I want to make movies that open up a platform for discussion, and analysis of the anonymous people that everyone sees surrounding themselves every day. I like to create abstract settings that externalize these traits from “normal” people. These pieces must not be locked into one genre, because that would cut down on their ability to speak on the reality of humans and society, because life is a flurry of comedy, drama, and the horrors of the mundane.

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