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Niko Baur New Headshot.png

My introduction to the film world, and my subsequent love for it, started with my acting career. After some time, I realized that being in front of the camera was not what I was so fascinated about as a kid, and I learned that I was really in love with the work behind the camera; crafting a story and trying to project it into the audience’s mind. 
I attended Ghetto Film School during my high school years, and later graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts. I have worked with brands like Apple, FX, and the NBA, and currently freelance in the industry in various roles in attempts to round out my skill set in preparation for my true dream of directing feature films. 

I use my films as a form of expression; and not just for myself either. As a writer and director, I get the privilege of putting myself in the shoes of many characters, and aim to discuss topics through them in a fashion deeper than the average conversation could. With my films, I hope to put my audience through a rollercoaster that seats them in the perspective of fresh characters.
I want to make projects that substantiate the minute and unspoken emotional dynamics that society internalizes. The side of people that they hide away intrigues me. Every character has a piece of themselves they’d rather not share but that tells who they are. I like to create abstract settings and stories that externalize these traits from “normal” people. I don't aim to be locked into one genre, because the reality is that life is a flurry of comedy, drama, and the horrors of the mundane.


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